Oil Tiki Torches

Oil Tiki torches enhance everyone’s backyard. After all your hard work creating your paradise in your own backyard it is now time to accent it with our beautiful oil burning Tiki Torches. We carry a large selection of oil Tiki Torches from oil filled Tiki Torches and Tiki Sconces to oil burning tabletop Tiki Torch lamps.

Oil Tiki Torches instantly add an elegant glow to your backyard or water feature. Line your walkway with Tiki Torches to create a Luau feel for your next party! With the use of citronella oil or paraffin oil you can enjoy the feeling of tropical paradise while beautiful oil Tiki Torches are illuminating your backyard or patio area, delivering many nights of romance. Tiki Torches have been around since the Polynesian’s brought them to the islands. Tiki Torches are a symbol of relaxation and peacefulness.

If you have any questions about our Oil Tiki Torches please contact us.
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