1/2" Cobalt Reflective Fire Glass

Deep cobalt blue, with its intense electrifying hue. Our cobalt reflective fire glass is not only a stylish and beautiful addition to any indoor fireplace, but also a dazzling accent to any outdoor fire pit. When unlit, the cobalt color is a rich, electrifying blue, but once set aflame, the gas flames rise up through the blue, transforming it into a brilliant royal purple. The reflective property of the fire glass further enhances the resplendent display, quickly becoming the focus of all attention.

Our tempered fire glass is a product engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and harsh weather, which means you are acquiring a product that will never fade, crack, or lose its shape. Used correctly, this amazing glass can last a lifetime!

Our fire glass gives off no smoke, ash, or soot, which means cleaning and maintenance is a cinch!

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