Shamrock Green Luster Zircon Fire Glass

Our beautiful shamrock green luster zircon fire glass possesses the same leafy hue of the clover-like shamrock plant and when you add it into your fire feature, it will bring to life to even the humblest of surroundings. Each piece of this lovely fire glass has been infused with silica, giving it a warm glow; when the fire feature is lit, the flames seem to dance upon the exquisite glass and at the same time the light of the flames is beautifully reflected by the glass. In fact, our shamrock green luster zircon fire glass naturally attracts attention and lots of compliments even when there is no flame.

This shamrock green fire glass is not just charming to look at, but also very practical. It beautifies the environment and also does a great job of covering the entire bottom surface of a fire feature, completely hiding those unseemly pipes and tubes that are often visible in gas fire features. This makes it a very desirable alternative to the usual ceramic logs and stones.

All our fire glass is made from unused glass that has undergone a unique 5-step manufacturing process which renders it a lovely shine and also allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without any cracking, discoloration, or other damage. 

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