Copper Cone-Style Gas Torch Permanent Mount

Liquid Propane Or Natural Gas

Torch Head Size: 7-3/4" W X 14" H
Pole Height: 82"
Total Height with Pole: 96"
Fuel: Liquid Propane Or Natural Gas
Regulator: See Option Below
Materials: Powder-Coated Steel

The Copper Cone-Style Gas Torch Light provides a soft, golden glow, enhancing any outdoor setting. No filling citronella oil like conventional tiki torches, just the soothing, romantic light from an open flame.

The Copper Cone-Style Permanent gas Tiki Torch includes an 82" pole. The torch pole and parts of the torch head feature a durable, yet lightweight, ALL steel construction and are powder-coated for a long lasting, durable finish. A flame adjusting valve allows a wide variety of flame heights and widths.

The Copper Cone-style head is 7-3/4" wide by 14" high.

*If using Lp Gas (Propane), a regulator is required.

Patio Lights are rated up to 49,000 BTU/hr. Please allow a minimum 36" of clearance on all sides of a Patio Torch.

LP Gas Usage
@ 49,000 BTU (max.) = .5 gallons/hour
@ 18,000 BTU (min.) = .2 gallons/hour

Natural Gas Usage
@ 49,000 BTU (max.) = 49 cubic feet/hour
@ 18,000 BTU (min.) = 18 cubic feet/hour

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